Hello friend

My name is Malin and I am a self-taught digital artist from Bangkok, Thailand. I love to create stickers, illustrations, youtube videos; and I love to spread awareness about mental health.

I moved to the US in 2018 to pursue a Master's degree in Creative Arts Therapy; a field of psychology which promotes the use of creative expression in a way that helps heal the mind. After a lot of messy art-making and (even messier) self-exploration, I graduated with a brand new perspective on life and decided to shift my career towards creating art for others.

Between social distancing, sourdough fails, and oddly difficult Tiktok dances, I finally had the chance to open my very own art shop called "made by malin" ♡

I'm currently living in Boston, Massachusetts with my super supportive partner and our fur baby Mosa; she's the inspiration for most of my art! Although I'm still learning and improving as an artist, I would describe my style as a combination of bright colors, cozy vibes, and lots and lots of chonky cats :3

Thank you for visiting my shop!

If you have any questions, please contact me at: